Champagne Oolong
Champagne Oolong
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Champagne Oolong

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Flavor Profile: rose, dried pineapple, Muscat grape
Production Area: Mộc Châu, Sơn La, Việt Nam
Harvest: July 2022

One of our most  highly anticipated teas is finally back in stock!

The Champagne Oolong is a highly oxidized tea with an aromatic sweetness that lingers long after. It's made in the style similar to a Taiwanese oolong tea often carrying the same name, and is well loved for the signature aroma of rose and Muscat grape.

If you've tasted our 2018 harvest, this year's batch has all the fruity and fragrant characteristics that you already love but with a cooling mouthfeel and even richer body. The 2022 harvest has also gone through a higher oxidization than previous years, resulting in a darker appearance.

Often known as a “bug-bitten tea”, the tea's distinct flavor is attributed to the tea cricket, Jacobiasca formosana that thrive during the warmer months. After the leafhopper bites the tea plant, the leaves produce a hormone as a defense mechanism. During the oxidation process in production, the high levels of these hormone translates to the deep floral and grape-y character we then later taste in our cup.

How to Prepare
Amount of Tea
: 3 g / 2 tsp
Volume of Water: 118 ml / 4 oz
Water Temperature: 205°F / 90°C
Brewing Time: 40 secs